What distinguishes the drug Viagra from similar?

What distinguishes the drug Viagra from similar? First of all, Viagra is known as one of the most effective agents for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. Wherein the mechanism of action is different from saline - under the action of the active substance is changing penile vascular tone, and as a result, increase of blood genitals. Buy Sildenafil - In contrast, for example, intrapenialnyh injections Viagra more physiological, preserving the natural sequence of excitation and relaxation. However, injections are more dense genitals, which, however, may cause, according to the reviews of patients, some disadvantages to both sexual partners. In Cheap Sildenafil Tablets comparison with the creams, ointments, and other means, which are applied directly to the penis before intercourse, Viagra is much more convenient. The undoubted advantage of the Generic Viagra online drug is that it is possible to use it undetected. Another advantage of the drug is that Viagra is always available for sale in any city in the country. Viagra is also quite affordable and worth it for about the Viagra same at all points of sale. Recently there were drugs - Viagra, Viagra, Viagra are similar to the mechanism of action, minor differences in duration of excitation. You can also find on the shelves of pharmacies drugs that are called differently, but are kind of copies of Viagra. Differences between the original drug from generics in fact minimal - generic drugs are the Buy Viagra online drug of the same composition (containing sildenafil as the main active ingredient), Cheap Viagra but produced by different manufacturer. However, it should be emphasized that the right to a patent is only for pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and besides, it was the drug under the brand name Viagra is best protected against forgery, giving customers the guarantee of reliability. When buying a product Sildenafil, pay attention to the logo of the company, the Buy Sildenafil Citrate integrity of the packaging, original, oblong tablets and their color (dark blue), Buy Viagra as well as, observe the life of the drug (shelf life - 2 years from date of manufacture Buy Cheap Viagra).

Sildenafil Systematic ( IUPAC) name 4-[2-Ethoxy-5-(4-ethylpiperazin-1-yl)sulfonyl-phenyl]-9-methyl-7-propyl-3,5,6,8-tetrazabicyclo[4.3.0]nona-3,7,9-trien-2-one Clinical data Trade names Viagra, Staxyn, Vivanza AHFS/ Drugs.com monograph MedlinePlus a603035 AU: Prescription Only (S4) UK: POM US: ℞-only Routes Viagra Oral Pharmacokinetic data Bioavailability 15% Protein binding 95% Metabolism Hepatic ( CYP3A4) Half-life 4–5 hours Excretion Biliary Identifiers CAS number 224785-90-4 Y ATC code G04 BE09 PubChem CID 110634 DrugBank DB00862 ChemSpider 99300 Y UNII UCE6F4125H Buy Sildenafil, Y ChEMBL CHEMBL1520 Y Chemical data Formula C 23 H 32 N 6 O 4 S Molecular mass 488.604 g/mol SMILES O=C2\N=C(/Nn1c(nc(c12)C)CCC)c3cc(ccc3OCC)S(=O)(=O)N4CCN(CC)CC4 InChI InChI=1S/C23H32N6O4S/c1-5-8-20-24-16(4)21-23(30)25-22(26-29(20)21)18-15-17(9-10-19(18)33-7-3)34(31,32)28-13-11-27(6-2)12-14-28/h9-10,15H,5-8,11-14H2,1-4H3,(H,25,26,30) Y Key:SECKRCOLJRRGGV-UHFFFAOYSA-N Y Y (what is this?) (verify) Sildenafil ( INN) is a PDE5 inhibitor used Buy Viagra, for treating erectile dysfunction that is sold under the trade names Viagra ( Bayer AG, GSK, and SP), Staxyn in India, and Vivanza in Italy. Contents 1 History 2 Clinical use 2.1 Adverse drug reactions 2.2 Drug interactions 2.3 Dose forms Buy Cheap Viagra 3 Notes 4 External links History [ edit ] Sildenafil was co-marketed by Bayer Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline, and Schering-Plough under the trade name Viagra. As of 2005, the Sildenafil co-promotion rights of GSK on Cheap Viagra have been returned to Bayer in many markets outside the U.S. In Italy, Bayer sells Sildenafil as Viagra and GSK sells it as Vivanza. Thus, Cheap Sildenafil Tablets because of European Union trade rules, parallel imports might result in Vivanza sold next to Viagra in the EU. An orally disintegrating form, marketed as Staxyn and Viagra Soft. has been gaining approvals in countries such as the United States [1 ] and Canada. [2 ] Clinical use Sildenafil [ edit ] Main article: PDE5 inhibitor Sildenafil 's indications and contra-indications are the same as with other PDE5 inhibitors; it is closely related in function to sildenafil citrate (Viagra) and Sildenafil (Viagra). The difference between the Sildenafil molecule and sildenafil citrate is a nitrogen atom's position and the change of sildenafil's piperazine ring methyl group to an ethyl group. Sildenafil is structurally different from both sildenafil and Sildenafil.Sildenafil 's relatively short effective time is comparable to but somewhat longer than sildenafil's. Beyond its indications for erectile dysfunction, Sildenafil may be effective in the treatment of premature ejaculation, where it may significantly increase the time from penetration to ejaculation. [3 ] Adverse drug reactions [ edit ] The common, adverse Buy Viagra online, drug reactions (side-effects) are the same as with other PDE5 inhibitors. The frequent Sildenafil-specific side-effect is Buy Sildenafil Citrate nausea; the infrequent side-effects are abdominal pain, back pain, photosensitivity, abnormal vision, eye pain, facial edema, hypotension, palpitation, tachycardia, arthralgia,